Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions

Digital publishing is the new way to create an inspiring, immersive, interactive experience for the consumer.

CanPrint offers a powerful suite of digital publishing solutions. Each product can contain a rich mix of interactivity featuring HD video, stunning imagery, audio, storytelling, payment gateways, booking services, links to email and social media and many more.

These platforms will prove invaluable for attracting new audiences, creating cost-efficient content and for gaining clear insight into readers’ consumption patterns. Successful publishing addresses these divergent needs through immersive, interactive experiences.

Digital publishing allows organisations and stakeholders to reach more readers and customers than ever before possible with no limits to international reach.

Organisations can execute profitable, multichannel publishing strategies and broaden their base of loyal readers, customers, and advertisers by designing captivating layouts, graphics, and illustrations and publishing for print, the web, and tablets. The digital publishing process can capture and apply key insights to improve content and deepen reader engagement.

CanPrint, through our strategic partner,  Tilt+Co can transform existing print publications into interactive, media-rich experiences that help you attract and retain high-value readers. The benefit of this transformation is that users are given more vivid, richer experiences and more accurate insights – thereby retaining readers.

Company overview:
Tilt+Co are an Australian company specialising in design and technology for fixed and mobile touch screens. Tilt+Co focuses on delivering quality solutions and products for clients combining great user experience, creative yet practical design, and a seamless blend of smart intuitive technology.
Tilt+Co are Adobe’s top tier integration partner throughout Australia and Asia Pacific.


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