How do I get my job... pre-flighted?


CanPrint uses the pre-flighting process to confirm that the files supplied to us are all present, valid, correctly formatted, and of the desired type. Pre-flighting is an important step because it prevents production delays further down the line caused by missing materials or incorrect formatting. Once the incoming materials have passed the pre-flight check, they are ready to be put into pre-press ready to be imposed and proofed.

The pre-flight process checks that:

  • images and graphics embedded by the client have been provided and are available to the application,
  • fonts are accessible to the system,
  • fonts are not corrupt,
  • fonts are in a compatible file format,
  • image files are of formats that the application can process,
  • image files are of the correct colour format (some RIPs have problems processing RGB images, for example),
  • image files are of the correct resolution,
  • required colour profiles are included,
  • image files are not corrupt,
  • the page layout document size, margins, bleeds, marks and page information all fit within the constraints of the output device and match the client specifications, and
  • the correct colour separations or ink plates are being output.



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