Integrated Print and Logistics Management software

Integrated Print and Logistics Management software (IPALM)

Our clients are able to fully integrate their print, fulfilment and distribution activities using IPALM. The software is our in-house developed, web based system which allows clients to actively monitor and manage their services online in real-time. Our dedicated ICT team continues to put CanPrint at the forefront of our industry, and IPALM is constantly being developed to suit the needs of our diverse range of clients.  Any enhancements made for one client are made available to all, where appropriate.

Print on Demand (POD)

CanPrint has proven experience and expertise in delivering Print on Demand (POD) related solutions for public and private sector customers.

For POD, the best results are obtained by using high resolution print ready files suitable to the binding method required.  For example, perfect bound books require both a cover file and a text block file.  We have the ability to automatically modify artwork as required.  Sometimes cover artwork is integrated within a single PDF file.  We are able to strip out the cover pages, create a spine of the correct thickness for the stock and generate the required two file artwork.

We have developed a process to collect PDF print files on demand when an order is received, dynamically create custom cover artwork and inject print jobs directly into our print production systems.

Manufacturing short runs of publications (down to one copy) from a wide variety of sources with a short turnaround time requires the IPALM POD system to be highly efficient, transparent and accountable.  We adopt a hands-free highly automated approach including:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for automated order handling and optional shopping cart for orders placed by the public and real-time credit card processing through the eWAY payment gateway (PCI DSS Compliant).

  • Flexible template system and integration features enable the interface to seamlessly match existing websites.
  • Automated print file handling including Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our pre-flighting processes.
  • The use of barcodes for identifying book parts during manufacturing including barcoded location tracking.  We can identify, locate and determine the status of any part of any book throughout the manufacturing process with a high level of visibility.
  • Roles based production workflow including touchscreen consoles and barcode scanners at each print and manufacturing station.
  • Hybrid Pick/Print system – we have the ability to run down existing physical stocks of books and seamlessly transfer to POD as required.  The IPALM system looks at both orders and existing stock levels for an item before deciding what will be picked from a shelf and what will be printed.
  • We have adopted best practice warehousing and distribution processes including scan packing.  Scan packing is a high quality distribution process which ensures every item required for an order is passed under a barcode scanner and accounted for.
  • Real-time order entry, stock monitoring, order tracking and reporting access for authorised client staff (with user access regulated by user identification and passwords).
  • Comprehensive support for both ‘tick’ and ad hoc reporting based on any system field or combination of fields.
  • Customisable support for EDI through web services (SOAP/REST) or file transfer (e.g. FTP);
  • Capability to electronically capture, store and upload images for viewing of items available for order.
  • Ability to organise publications into collections to aid in browsing and a “smart collections” feature which can automatically organise publications based on any item meta data.
  • Advanced search option enabling finding keywords in titles.

Asset Archiving

IPALM features an in-built Digital Asset Management system (DAM) that can integrate with files stored at remote locations.  We can collect print files either as a batch or on demand, automatically run pre-flights for print suitability and retain a fully audited history of previous versions.






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