CanPrint is serious when it comes to security, we have built a reputation around being a secure supplier and we proactively and consistently take all necessary precautions to protect our clients’ work. CanPrint works in collaboration with client’s who have specific security requirements to ensure we meet them fully.

CanPrint is a quality assured secure printer in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 with existing work instructions in place for the processing of work with a security classification.  

Staff Security
CanPrint has strict security procedures in place for all staff. On commencement of employment, all staff submit to a police check and are screened by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA). These checks are updated as necessary.

CanPrint staff receive training on the correct procedures for handling sensitive and/or confidential information, which is reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

All CanPrint staff use photographic identification as part of our overall security procedures to control access to specific areas of the production premises.

Site Security Arrangements
CanPrint’s Fyshwick production site has passed a security audit conducted by the Department of Defence Security Authority. Our physical and procedural security arrangements were reviewed and cleared recently by the ABS.

CanPrint’s Fyshwick premises have the following physical and operational security features to prevent access to the premises by unauthorised persons:

  • Perimeter site fence,
  • Exterior building lighting,
  • External doors fitted with micro-switch alarms and 24 hour back to base alarm monitoring,
  • Regular after-hours patrols,
  • Fire evacuation alarm and warden communication system,
  • Colour video cameras and continuous recording system (shown above right) covering complete building perimeter and access points,
  • Two designated building personnel access points fitted with monitored ‘proxy card’ electronic pass door control.  All other external doors fitted with micro switch alarms with 24 hour connection to the Grid Security base-station monitoring centre,
  • Three internal doors fitted with ‘proxy card’ electronic pass access to control access to specific areas within the building to authorised staff,
  • Internal microwave motion detectors (nine) connected to the Grid Security base-station monitoring centre, and
  • Remote controlled access for delivery vehicles (shown above).

As CanPrint undertakes sensitive or confidential work for a number of clients there are strict procedures in place regarding visitors. At reception all visitors are required to sign in and hand in any mobile phones, cameras or other recording devices. Visitors are not given access to the premises past the reception area without a member of CanPrint staff accompanying them at all times. All guests are issued with a clearly identifiable pass which must be worn for the duration of their visit to the premises.

CanPrint is confident that the security features and processes we have in place protect our client’s information from being accessed by unauthorised persons.




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