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Written by architects, designers and builders for Australian
practitioners and you, this manual is a powerful tool for making
your home great to live in, affordable to build and efficient to run.
Discover how to
adapt your home
to changes in
your lifestyle.
Be inspired!
Your Home
some of the best
sustainable homes
in Australia.
Discover the
secrets of making
your home
healthy, safe and
Find out how
tomake your
with Australian
Understand how
you canmake use
of orientation,
insulation and
thermal mass.
Exploreways to
fit your home into
its neighbourhood
and community.
Find out how your
home can avoid
the problems of
water shortages
and increasing
energy costs.
Learn how your
home canmeet
the challenge of
climate change.
Check out how
bricks and straw
can all be part
of your home.
Learn to landscape
your home for
biodiversity and
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ISBN 978-1-925006-14-8
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