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Welcome to
Your Home
Who is
Your Home
Your Home
was written to make the
process of creating sustainable homes and
renovations easier for a range of different
groups. Its content and design were
informed by research with homeowners,
architects, designers and builders to find
out what information they needed most
and how they wanted it presented. The
starting point for creating
Your Home
to ask them what they most needed to
know to make the process of creating a
sustainable home easier.
For homeowners
Your Home
explain the process of renovating and
building sustainably. Whether you want
a general overview or detail on a specific
Your Home
is designed to help you
create a sustainable home in the most cost
effective way.
For architects and designers
Your Home’s
comprehensive overview of sustainable
design principles and strategies includes
detailed information on a range of different
topics. Use it as a refresher and a design
support tool; give it to clients to familiarise
them with the options available.
For builders
, especially the many who play
a role in design as well as construction,
Your Home
has relevant design advice.
It is also full of useful detail on
procurement of materials and products,
waste management, and installation of
various sustainability products and
technologies. Give it to clients to familiarise
them with the options available.
Photo: G. Smith
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